Timberborn Dam Guide: How to Build and Use Dams

Dams are a key part of many water sports, but they can also be used to create ponds for fish and other aquatic life. This guide will teach you how to build dams with timber.

The timberborn walkthrough is a guide to building and using dams. It includes how-to videos, diagrams, and written instructions.

You’ll need to know how to control water flow through your towns in Timberborn to keep your beaver population expanding and flourishing. Dams in this game are used to restrict — but not completely halt — the flow of a river by allowing only tiny amounts of water to pass over the top.

This book will teach you all you need to know about dam construction and operation.

Dams in Timberborn: How to Use Them


Dams are considered a fundamental resource in Timberborn and are unlocked by default, thus you’ll be utilizing them to survive your first drought and start building your planet. Only water with a flow greater than 0.65 meters will pass through them, which means that if your colony’s water is kept in by dams, you’ll never have to worry about it entirely draining.

Dams are listed under the eighth tab of resources, “Landscaping,” and are the first construction item there. Simply pick the dam option and put it anywhere you like along the river. You must guarantee that builders can access that location, thus if it is not near enough to a district, you must additionally construct a route to it. The seventh tab, “Paths and Structures,” is where you’ll see paths.

Each dam component costs 20 logs to build and takes up 1x1x1 square feet. The dam not only enables you to control water, but it also allows you to extend your plots by allowing you to build buildings on top of it. Dams may also be used to intelligently regulate the speed of a river’s flow.

If a river is five blocks wide and a four-block dam is built, the flow speed out of that one block will be increased. If you’re dealing with water wheels, this will come in handy.

While these dams are very cost-effective, you must be aware of the risk of flooding if you are not cautious.

Floodgates in Timberborn: How to Use Them

You’re going to have issues if you don’t allow enough water to escape. Floodgates may be used to address this problem. There are three distinct heights to unlock, each requiring 150, 250, or 500 research points.


Planks and logs are needed to construct floodgates, with the quantity needed depending on the floodgate’s height. These fully restrict water flow up to a certain height, but they may be opened at any moment to discharge water, enabling you to swiftly resolve any flooding problems. You may easily solve these issues by including a floodgate into your dam.

On the other hand, if you wish to flood (for example, to create an artificial lake), you may utilize levees. These are similar to dams, except they halt all water flow entirely. You may even stack them on top of one another to regulate the depths of your artificial water bodies. They’re also less expensive than dams, costing just 12 logs, thus they’re an excellent alternative for dams if you’re in a hurry and need a reservoir.

That should cover all there is to know about dam construction in Timberborn. This is a must-know to guarantee that your colonies survive droughts, and it’s one of the first things you should learn in this city-builder, but there’s so much more to learn. For additional information, see some of our other Timberborn guides.

The timberborn increase population is a dam that can be built in the Timberborn Dam Guide. This guide will teach you how to build and use dams.

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