The Riftbreaker Research Station Overview

The Riftbreaker Research Station is an underground facility near the border of Gloomwald and Prydaen, where scientists study new sports to be used in the future. The research station was created for sport-focused players that are looking into possible careers as athletes or coaches at a prestigious university within one year’s time. It has become widely popular with both locals and tourists alike since its grand opening on July 18th, 2018 thanks to its wide array of activities like mountain biking, golfing (both theoretical), kayaking (theoretical) and even ice hockey!

One of the world’s most extreme and remote sports is about to gain a new high-altitude training facility. The Riftbreaker Research Station will be equipped with 3D virtual reality technology, allowing athletes to experience their mountain landscapes in 360 degrees without leaving home.



The Research Station’s purpose in The Riftbreaker isn’t totally clear. The Research Station isn’t utilized to earn Research Points as you may imagine, but it does have a function, including the Palladium questline. Research Points, on the other hand, come from the Communications Hub.

In The Riftbreaker, this tutorial will show you how to operate the Research Station. It may be employed in a variety of contexts in addition to being one of the key parts of a mission. Everything you need to know about these weird things is right here.

How to Use The Riftbreaker’s Research Station

Palladium Questline Mission is a questline mission that takes place in the Palladium

During the Palladium questline, you will be assigned the job of constructing a Research Station in the acid biome near the Acidic Yeast Colony Root.

You must identify an acidic plant, set up a Research Station nearby, and ensure that the root is not killed in this section of the game. You have two alternatives if you mistakenly destroy the root:

  • You might try setting up Research Station with a different plant.
  • To return to the initial plant, you may restart or refresh the map.

If you’re looking for a way to restart the map, follow these steps:

  1. On your keyboard, press the “‘” (tilde) key.
  2. The console will appear as a result of this.
  3. Fill in the blanks using the following command: restart map
  4. To confirm, press Enter.

You may return to the acidic root and finish the objective after your map has reloaded.

Energy Provider

While the Research Station’s primary function is to finish the Palladium quest, it may also be used to improve the solar panels, energy storage, and wind turbines’ energy efficiency.

Research Stations may be placed adjacent to any of these energy providing stations and will function properly.

Unfortunately, employing Research Stations for this reason has a disadvantage: they will attract further waves of assaulting foes. There is, however, a way out:

  1. Set up a second outpost in a different environment.
  2. Build extra batteries and establish a neighboring Research Station.
  3. Jump to another outpost after the hordes have attacked you.
  4. Return when the timer has expired.

Although it requires more setup, you may prevent unwanted enemy collisions while merely attempting to play the game.

That’s all there is to it when it comes to using Research Station in The Riftbreaker. More instructions for The Riftbreaker will be added to GameSkinny soon.