Guardians of the Galaxy: Lady Hellbender’s Throneroom Puzzle Guide

The Throneroom is a challenge set in the opening scene of the film, and consists of three puzzles. The first two are fairly simple, but you must do them quickly as they only have a few seconds on screen before moving on to phase 3. Phase 3 can be completed during or after viewing phase 2, so watch out for that timer!

Lady Hellbender is the ruler of the planet K’un-Lun who has sent her assassins to find and kill you. Now, it’s up to you to get through her throneroom in time! The game features 100 levels that are all unique and take place across different scenes from the movie–and each one will test your speed, agility, stamina, reflexes, creativity and ability.

The “guardians of the galaxy chapter 5” is a guide to solving the Throneroom Puzzle in Guardians of the Galaxy. The puzzles are at the end of each chapter, and this guide will help you solve them.

Once you return to fetch your companion back, Lady Hellbender’s Throne Room in Guardians of the Galaxy has a tremendous brainteaser of a problem.

We’ll go through how to finish the puzzle in Lady Hellbender’s Throne Room so you may regain your companion and continue on your path in this tutorial.

Getting the Throne Room Puzzle to Work


You’ll need to activate the puzzle before you can solve it, so switch on your visor and take a peek around the area.

Examine the boulder to the right of the throne, then the mound of debris resting on the throne from behind.

After that, you’ll be reminded that Drax can carry big items, so glance at the boulder and tell Drax to toss it by pressing L1+circle. This will remove the debris and reveal a tunnel into which you may direct Rocket to activate the switch puzzle.

Solution to the Switch Puzzle

When the puzzle is triggered, you must be cautious where you direct the energy because if it travels in the incorrect direction, it will open a door, allowing opponents to enter. In order for the yellow current to travel around the chamber and return to the throne, you must first swap the nodes. 

Start with the nearest node beneath the throne and swap it using the triangle key.


Before moving on to the next node, alter the third one so that the stream flows in the correct direction, then return to the second one.


Switch the fourth and fifth nodes by following the line. Subsequently, looking forward, activate the left node to transport power to the elevator’s first half, and then the right node.


Switch the next two nodes down the line, but wait before switching the third. To ensure that the door does not open, you must again advance the switch. After that, return to the previous node and swap it. 


You’ll have to bypass the next node once more, go to the switch, and change it to the correct direction. After that, activate the last node, and the path ahead will become clear. All you have to do now is get upon the throne and press the button.


You’re ready to continue your Guardians of the Galaxy journey now that you’ve solved Lady Hellbender’s Throne Room problem. Check out our dedicated portal for more more information. 

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