The Miami Dolphins Are Dealing With a Disastrous Situation That Will Get Even Worse by Trading Tua Tagovailoa for Deshaun Watson

The Miami Dolphins have been going through a rough time so far this season, and they may decide to take the next step by trading their second-year quarterback for Houston Texans star Deshaun Watson.

The “deshaun watson miami dolphins trade” is a disaster that will get even worse. The Miami Dolphins are dealing with the disastrous situation that will allow them to trade Tua Tagovailoa for Deshaun Watson.

The Miami Dolphins will not be playing in January, despite beginning the season with the intention of fighting for a playoff spot. After all, with a record of 2-7, Brian Flores’ club has a higher chance of obtaining the No. 1 overall choice in the 2022 NFL Draft than it does of finishing with a winning record.

What does the future hold for the AFC East’s bottom-ranked team?

It’s tough to predict the route the Dolphins will go at this time. Deshaun Watson relocating to South Florida, on the other hand, seems to be a viable option.

Unfortunately for the Dolphins, they’re in the midst of a disaster that will only get worse if Tua Tagovailoa is sent to Houston.

It’s been really tough to get a good feel on Tua Tagovailoa due to security concerns.

Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa throws a pass while getting hit by a Buffalo Bills defender.

Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa throws a pass while getting hit by a Buffalo Bills defender. The Dolphins’ offensive line will not be fixed by trading Tua Tagovailoa for Deshaun Watson. | Getty Images/Timothy T Ludwig

Has Tua Tagovailoa disappointed after making the transition from Alabama to the NFL?

On the one hand, it’s difficult not to be frustrated by his injury troubles and raw figures (10 interceptions in 14 starts, lifetime quarterback rating of 86.7).

But it isn’t completely his fault, either.

After all, a quarterback’s success is practically impossible without adequate protection. Even though the Dolphins have spent an unusual amount of early-round choices on tackles and guards since Chris Grier took over as general manager in 2016, the numbers show he made some very terrible draft-day judgments.

Miami’s offensive line is ranked 31st in the league by Football Outsiders. Meanwhile, Pro Football Focus isn’t very fond of that bunch. In their method, the team’s “homegrown” lineman are graded as follows:

  • First-round selection in 2020 Austin Jackson had a 48.7 rating and was ranked 68th out of 76 guards.
  • Second-round selection in 2021 Liam Eichenberg – 46.2 grade; 76th tackle out of 79
  • Second-round selection in 2020 Robert Hunt (58.4 grade) is the 54th-best guard in the country.

To make things worse, Jesse Davis, the longstanding starter at right tackle, hasn’t been consistent. He has a 49.5 rating and is ranked 73rd in the PFF positional rankings. Additionally, the center position has been a stumbling block, with Austin Reiter and Greg Mancz ranking 30th and 20th, respectively, among 40 players rated at the position.

As a consequence of the offensive line’s troubles, Tagovailoa and Jacoby Brissett have been sacked 23 times, the rushing game has been abysmal, and the offense has dropped from 25.3 points per game in 2020 to just 17.2 this season.

To put it another way, the Dolphins have a hard time scoring because they can’t block anybody.

Trading for Deshaun Watson will exacerbate the Dolphins’ dreadful offensive line predicament.

The Dolphins need a real features player. RB, the offensive line must be rebuilt (not disputed), the defensive line will be rebuilt with Ogbah bolts, the LBer team is a$$, the WR unit is fragile, and the TEs have two free agents (Gesicki & Smythe). The secondary is the only thing that can be saved. Even QB is an enigma.

November 6, 2021 — Omar Kelly (@OmarKelly)

Would Deshaun Watson be a better option than Tua?


There’s no denying that the Houston Texans quarterback has superior stature, arm strength, and agility, and his statistics reflect his status as a great quarterback.

Trading for Watson, on the other hand, will not solve the offense. In reality, it would make it much more difficult to fix the team’s second-year signal-protection caller’s and blocking concerns, which have stopped him from getting a fair chance to show off his abilities.

After all, how would Miami improve the offensive line if it didn’t have any draft capital?

Watson’s trade will almost certainly entail several first-round choices. As a result, the Dolphins would not only have to part ways with a young quarterback on a reasonable rookie deal, but they would also have to give up valuable draft picks in order to acquire a proven commodity.

Instead of drafting a franchise left tackle or a great center early in the draft, Miami would have to look for another way to upgrade their offensive line. However, with Watson’s average yearly pay of $39 million, the team’s financial ability to fix the offensive line would be considerably reduced.

Obviously, the three-time Pro Bowler has tremendous physical skill as well as a proven track record of outstanding performance. However, putting Watson in a lineup with too many below-average guys up front seems to be a recipe for further disappointment for Dolphins fans.

The Chris Grier era in Miami should come to an end as a result of too many bad judgments.

The Dolphins have four selections in the first 39 rounds of the 2020 draft. Their picks: a QB with an unknown future, two guards, and a CB who has been a healthy scratch for the most of the season.

Jonathan Taylor was the 41st pick, and he was a guy they desperately needed both then and today. He’s a top-five running back in the NFL.

November 5, 2021 — Cameron Wolfe (@CameronWolfe)

The Dolphins can no longer afford to have Grier in control of personnel choices. While the offensive line is clearly a poor spot, it’s evident that numerous other positions need considerable upgrading as well.

It didn’t have to come to this, of course. However, due to Grier’s ineptness, Miami may require many years to assemble a playoff-caliber group.

Where would the Dolphins be now if T.J. Watt had been picked with the 22nd overall choice in the 2017 draft instead of Charles Harris? They wouldn’t have the 27th-ranked scoring defense and just 16 sacks in nine games if they didn’t have it.

Where would the Dolphins be now if they had made better use of the first-round choices they received in the Laremy Tunsil and Mikah Fitzpatrick trades? Rather of restocking the roster with long-term building pieces, Grier went with a left tackle who had to be switched to guard (Austin Jackson), a cornerback who can’t get on the field (Noah Igbinoghene), and a guard who went from being a rookie starter to missing the most of the 2021 season (Solomon Kindley).

Also, don’t forget that the Dolphins went with Tua over Justin Herbert, which is looking like a huge mistake with each passing week.

With several questionable free-agent signings (Kyle Van Noy and Will Fuller), the inexplicable choice to extend the contract of oft-injured wide receiver DeVante Parker, and the peculiar treatment of great cornerback Xavien Howard, it’s easy to understand why Grier continues to be chastised by AFC East fans.

Unfortunately for the Dolphins, the arrow that looked to be heading up following the 2020 season has already turned around. And if they want to compete with the Bills and Patriots in the near future, they may have no option but to rebuild from the ground up.

Pro Football Reference provided all statistics.

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The “how tall is deshaun watson” is a question that has been asked many times. The Miami Dolphins are dealing with a disastrous situation, and they will get worse by trading Tua Tagovailoa for Deshaun Watson.

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