Patrick Mahomes Needs the Chiefs to Get Creative and Desperate if They’re to Save Their Nightmarish Season

Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs are in big trouble. They’re 2-5 heading into their bye week, but everyone expects them to turn things around. After all, it seems like they have one of the best offenses in football with a huge 10 game winning streak last season. However, even though they seem on track for another incredible year with strong defense and explosive offense that is getting significant help from newly acquired wide receiver Sammy Watkins -a player who has averaged over 1,000 yards per season throughout his career-, there are some red flags worth paying attention to if fans plan on riding the KC train this year.,

Patrick Mahomes is the Chiefs’ rookie quarterback. He has had a rough start to his first year in the NFL, with an 0-7 record for the season. The Chiefs are currently on a three game losing streak and need to find some creativity and desperation if they’re to save their nightmare of a season. Read more in detail here: patrick mahomes rookie year.

Despite being one of the top preseason favorites to win the Super Bowl, Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs are in a nightmarish situation after seven weeks of football. They’re 3-4 in the AFC West, two games behind the Las Vegas Raiders, and Mahomes seems to be a shadow of his former self.

Mahomes presently leads the NFL with nine interceptions and is on pace to set a new career best for interceptions thrown in a single season (12 in 2018).

Needless to say, the atmosphere in Kansas City is dreadful.

The Chiefs’ greatest issue isn’t Patrick Mahomes.

The Chiefs have a 3-4 record. They are as follows:

In terms of turnovers, they are 32nd. In terms of points allowed, they are 32nd. 32nd in yards allowed In terms of yards per play allowed, they are ranked 32nd. In terms of throw yards allowed, they are ranked 31st. Allowing 31st in receiving yards In terms of run yards allowed, they are ranked 31st. Allowing 32nd in first downs pic.

— StatMuse (@statmuse) on the 24th of October, 2021

While Mahomes’ superstar status continues to get the most criticism, it’s important to note that his increased turnover problem isn’t Kansas City’s only issue right now. In fact, it isn’t even the most visible.

The Chiefs’ defense is perhaps the worst in the NFL, putting Mahomes and the offense in untenable situations on a regular basis. They are now dead last in the NFL in terms of anticipated defensive points, behind only the Detroit Lions, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Miami Dolphins.

The Chiefs are also lowest in the league in terms of scores, yards, yards per play, turnovers, and first downs allowed.

Obviously, Mahomes’ interceptions aren’t helping matters. The defense, on the other hand, isn’t allowing him to play cautiously because of how often they allow points. To keep the Chiefs within striking distance, Mahomes must play hero ball.

The front staff of the Kansas City Chiefs has to wake up.

While it may seem like the sky is falling in Kansas City, it’s crucial to remember that the season is just seven weeks old. Mahomes and the Chiefs have plenty of time to get things right and sneak into the playoffs as a Wild Card club.

However, if that is to happen, the Chiefs’ defense must significantly improve. That isn’t going to happen without bringing in some outside help.

A few important defensive players are presently being shopped on the trade market, according to ESPN’s Ian Rapoport. The Chiefs’ pass rush would be aided by defensive ends Melvin Ingram and L.J. Collier, while cornerback Kyle Fuller would be a significant boost in the secondary.

The Chiefs don’t need to sign all three of these guys (Fuller’s salary makes him a long shot). Snagging one, on the other hand, may make a significant impact. A fresh face in the locker room might sometimes be all that is required to breathe new energy into a team.

Don’t squander Patrick Mahomes’ golden year.

Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes.

Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes. Andy Lyons/Getty Images/Patrick Mahomes

Mahomes isn’t playing the way we’ve come to expect. That does not, however, diminish his significance to the Chiefs’ organization.

He’s already Kansas City’s all-time best quarterback. It would be a huge mistake to waste a year of his athletic peak.

Mahomes has to improve his game, and it’s expected that he will. He’s had a few unfortunate turnovers, but everyone knows what he’s capable of. All of it, though, will be for nothing if the Chiefs’ defense isn’t fixed in the next week. Leading the 32nd-ranked defense to the playoffs is an impossible task for any quarterback.

Pro Football Reference provided all stats.

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