Bill Belichick Is Showing He’s No ‘Genius’ so Let’s Stop Calling Him One

Bill Belichick is a football coach. He has been for over 20 years and he has won more games than any other coach in NFL history. But despite this success, people still call him a genius because of his ability to win games with the New England Patriots. This is not fair to Belichick or his legacy, so let’s stop calling him one.

The bill belichick net worth is a topic that has been trending recently. Bill Belichick has shown himself to be no genius so let’s stop calling him one.

Please stop using the words “genius” and “Bill Belichick” in the same sentence. We’re rapidly learning that New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick is more overrated than genius-like. This isn’t to suggest Belichick isn’t a terrific coach, but he’s doing an excellent job of debunking the notion that he has supernatural abilities and is the best coach of all time.

Tom Brady, the greatest quarterback of all time, was coached by Bill Belichick.


Bill-Belichick-1-1024x718 On September 26, 2021, in Foxborough, Massachusetts, New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick walks off the field following the team’s defeat to the New Orleans Saints at Gillette Stadium. | Getty Images/Elsa

It took me a long time to accept that Tom Brady was the greatest quarterback of all time. Is Tom Brady the most gifted quarterback in NFL history? No. Is he the best quarterback on the field right now? No. Brady’s mental makeup and desire to win, coupled with his dominating performance, put him apart from Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers, who are much superior athletes with greater all-around abilities.

Sure, Belichick selected Brady in the sixth round, but it isn’t exactly a brilliant decision. It’s a fortunate situation. It’s also the one that helped him establish himself as one of the game’s best coaches.

Brady has influenced Belichick rather than the other way around. The two formed one of the greatest NFL duos of all time, but that era is gone, and we’re witnessing that only one of them can thrive without the other.

With a new coach and teammates, Brady has flourished in Tampa. Without Brady, Belichick is having trouble.

Without Tom Brady, Bill Belichick has proven he can’t win.

Belichick was the head coach of the Cleveland Browns for five years before joining the Patriots. In 1994, he had one winning season, finishing 11-5. Other than his 11-win season, he never had a year with more than seven victories.

In his first year with the Patriots, things didn’t get any better. With Drew Bledsoe still as quarterback, he took over the club in 2000 and finished 5-11.

Belichick’s first winning season with the Patriots didn’t come until the following season. After taking over for an injured Bledsoe in Week 2, it just so happened to be Brady’s first year as a full-time starter. After that, the rest is history. Brady and Belichick have a combined Super Bowl winning record of six.

After Brady retired at the conclusion of the 2019 season, Bill Belichick and the Patriots failed once again, ending 7-9. They’ve been favored in all three games this season, but they’re 0-3 so far.

Supporters of Belichick will argue that he is dealing with a rookie quarterback and needs more time to develop him. That may be true, but even a genius should be able to beat a novice in a tight game. Last year, despite having a seasoned and previous MVP quarterback in Cam Newton, he only managed to win seven games.

This year, Belichick and the Patriots embarked on a crazy free-agent spending binge that hasn’t paid off. The Patriots paid $159.6 million in guaranteed money over nine days to restructure their roster, and it’s been a failure thus far.

Brady will meet Belichick in Foxborough. l3UT4MLY

When the Buccaneers visit New England on Sunday night, Brady will get a chance to retaliate against his old coach and former club. A 1-3 start for New England would obviously be unfavorable, and it would serve to emphasize my argument. That one win came against the New York Jets, a team with a mediocre record.

Belichick must demonstrate that he can win without Brady as QB. According to CBS Sports, Belichick’s regular-season record without Brady as his starting quarterback is 63-75, which is far from brilliant. Belichick’s only win without Brady occurred in 2008, when he finished 10-5 with Matt Cassell as the starter after Brady tore his ACL in the season opener.

Without Brady, Belichick is 26-30 as a Patriots coach. It’s past time for Patriots fans and Belichick supporters to recognize that it was Brady who created Belichick.

It hurt me a lot to accept it, and it took me far too long to realize that Brady is the GOAT of the NFL. Patriots supporters must now swallow their pride and accept that Belichick may not be the genius everyone thought he was.

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Bill Belichick has been called a genius by many people because of his success with the New England Patriots. However, he did not always have the best record in the NFL. The article discusses how Belichick’s success is more due to luck than anything else. Reference: bill belichick contract.

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