‘He Is Going to Have a War Chest if He can Just Sit This Out’

The NFL has been rocked by allegations of domestic violence against its star player, but the league is still trying to figure out what to do.

The can a candidate pay himself a salary is an interesting question. It’s difficult to answer because there are so many different factors that come into play.

The prevailing consensus around Ben Simmons this summer is that the Philadelphia 76ers will move him anytime they want, giving them complete control over this potentially difficult issue. In fact, it’s just the contrary.

If Simmons does plan to miss training camp, he may face a punishment of up to $1.3 million. But that number is meaningless because, come October 1, the Sixers will owe him a large amount of money.

Simmons can, in other words, hang around and wait for Philly to move him. Daryl Morey now has the ball in his hands.

On October 1, the Sixers owe Ben Simmons $16.1 million.

Ben Simmons isn’t simply a big-money player with a huge deal. It’s also one of a kind.

According to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, Simmons’ contract stipulates that he will be paid half of his pay for the 2021-22 season on Oct. 1. He’d be able to earn $16.1 million without ever playing for the Sixers again. Or, as Windhorst put it, Simmons might be sitting on a gold mine.

“If he can just sit this out, he’ll have a war chest.”

-Brian Windhorst, via Sixers Wire’s Ky Carlin

What is the significance of this? Simmons has said that he no longer wants to play for the Sixers.

Simmons allegedly voiced his wish to be moved in a meeting with Morey, co-managing partner Josh Harris, general manager Elton Brand, and head coach Doc Rivers. He’s made a point of mocking the Sixers since then, including uploading an Instagram story from a barbershop in which he’s wearing a chair cloth with the logos of all 30 NBA clubs emblazoned on it.

Simmons seems to have a good understanding of the issue. Anyone in his situation would almost certainly wait it out and accept the money when it arrived.

The Sixers must either move the unhappy star in the next three weeks or risk paying him to continue mocking them. Morey has to move quickly, but he’s been exaggerating Simmons’ trade worth and seems to be waiting for an improbable scenario to arise.

Daryl Morey is asking for a lot in Simmons trade deals, and he’s still after Damian Lillard.

The clock is ticking for the Sixers, but there haven’t been many signs that Morey is ready to reduce Simmons’ high asking price.

The Athletic’s David Aldridge wrote last month that any Simmons trade deal should include an All-Star-caliber player and four first-round selections. This followed several rumors that Morey was interested in Godfather offers. The Athletic’s Sam Amick recently claimed that negotiations between the Sixers and the Sacramento Kings had broken down due to the asking price.

Another factor is Philadelphia’s seeming infatuation with Damian Lillard. Morey is allegedly interested in obtaining Portland Trail Blazers star point guard Damian Lillard, although Dame has said that he will remain with the Blazers at least for the rest of the season.

Morey was smart to attempt to sell high and early. He hasn’t been able to persuade competitor CEOs to provide him with the value he seeks. The Sixers have suddenly reached a point of desperation when it comes to moving Ben Simmons.

When is a Ben Simmons deal likely to happen?

Philadelphia 76ers Ben Simmons calls a play during the 2021 NBA Playoffs

Philadelphia 76ers Ben Simmons calls a play during the 2021 NBA Playoffs The Sixers must complete a Ben Simmons deal as soon as possible | Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

In trade negotiations for Ben Simmons, the Sixers are quickly losing all power. Things have gotten much worse, according to rumors that Simmons’ agent, Rich Paul, now wants second-year player Tyrese Maxey, a Klutch Sports client, moved.

Opponents seem to be growing more conscious that Philadelphia is losing negotiating leverage. Although there is still a lot of interest in Simmons from clubs like the Cleveland Cavaliers and Minnesota Timberwolves, the fact that no deal has been reached is revealing.

Morey should be under greater pressure to make a deal. Within the next three weeks, he and the Sixers have $16.1 million in reasons to trade Simmons.

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