Does Far Cry 6 Have New Game Plus?

Far Cry 6 is a new installment in the long-running series of open-world shooters. It features a new game plus mode, which allows players to replay the game with all their weapons and upgrades unlocked.

Far Cry 6 does not have a New Game Plus mode, but the game does offer an end-game experience. Read more in detail here: far cry 6 end game.

Is there a New Game Plus option in Far Cry 6? When most games offer you the opportunity to restart with all of your stuff intact, it’s a reasonable question to ask, but Far Cry 6 takes a different approach. Instead of the usual New Game Plus, you’ll receive a new weekly mode with opportunities to win unique money and weaponry. 

Far Cry 6 Plus is a new game in the Far Cry franchise.


No, Far Cry 6 does not have New Game Plus. Once you’ve completed the narrative, you’ll respawn in Yara with everything you had when you completed the last task, and you’ll be able to complete any side missions or raid bases you missed throughout the main campaign. Ubisoft may include New Game Plus in a future update, but there’s no sign that this is currently planned. 

After beating Far Cry 6, the primary attraction is Insurgency mode.

Insurgency mode is available after the game has ended.


When Castillo’s rule comes to an end, the insurgency begins. Dani is up against a new group of rebels: Castillo’s army dissidents who refuse to surrender. Each week, a new disputed region appears, and it’s your duty to reclaim it from the rebels, just as you did during the main campaign.

The only difference is that this time you receive greater prizes. Insurgency always awards you with Moneda, a rare currency for use in Lola’s Black Market, but depending on the assignment, you may also get other rare goods and even new weaponry. 

Of course, with no new game features, you won’t have much use for them after you’ve completed all of Yara’s missions and quests. It’s recommended leaving a few missions undone while you advance towards Esperanza to dethrone Castillo, simply so you have something to do with your new goods after the campaign is over.

That’s all there is to know about Far Cry 6’s new game plus, but for additional information, see our other Far Cry 6 tutorials.

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Far Cry 6 does not have a New Game Plus option. Reference: far cry 6 end game content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Far Cry have new game plus?

Far Cry does not have a new game plus, but it does have a New Game Plus option that allows players to replay the story with all of their weapons and skills from the first playthrough.

Does Far Cry 6 have Ubisoft plus?


Does Far Cry 6 take place after new dawn?

Far Cry 6 takes place in the same world as Far Cry 5, but it is not a direct sequel.

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