Cam Newton Ruthlessly Gave an Eagles Backup a Hilarious Nickname After Igniting a Rivalry During Joint Practices: ‘Oh, That’s Glitter’

The Philadelphia Eagles and Carolina Panthers have been rivals for years, but this week’s joint practices between the two teams brought out the best in each other. After Cam Newton ruthlessly called Eagles backup QB Nick Foles “Glow” following a play, Philly fans retaliated with their own clever nickname.

Cam Newton is coming off his finest preseason performance to date. On August 19, the New England Patriots quarterback had excellent success pushing the ball downfield against a combination of Philadelphia Eagles starters and reserves.

Newton completed 8 of 9 passes for 103 yards and one score. He was calm and at ease in the pocket, connecting with a variety of Patriots receivers with ease. Although the Eagles’ defense isn’t the best in the league, it was nonetheless an impressive effort by a guy vying for a starting spot.

Newton also received some well-deserved retaliation on a guy who had been bothering him earlier in the week.

Following the Patriots’ preseason victory, Cam Newton took the opportunity to criticize Eagles safety K’Von Wallace.

After Wallace claimed he was the “check down king,” Patriots quarterback Cam Newton called Eagles safety K’Von Wallace “Glitter.”

“Oh, that’s a term for ‘glitter.’ Glitter…. On the sidelines, he did a lot of cheering. Cheerleaders, for example, typically wear glitter.”

20 August 2021 — Jeff Skversky (@JeffSkversky)

Newton reacted to a question regarding the Eagles’ number 42 (K’Von Wallace) at the postgame press conference by calling him “glitter.” He then went on to explain why he chose that moniker for the Philadelphia reserve.

“Oh, that’s glitter,” says the narrator. “Glitter,” Newton said. “On the sidelines, he did a lot of cheering. Cheerleaders, you know, typically wear glitter.”

Newton did went out of his way to emphasize that it’s just preseason and that “alpha guys” always have something to say. Still, being referred to as a cheerleader while being blown out at home couldn’t have been a pleasant experience for Wallace.

Their feud comes from combined Eagles-Patriots workouts.

After back-to-back dumpoffs to RBs in 7 on 7, K’Von Wallace yells at QB Cam Newton, “Checkdown king!” Wallace shouts “running back!” on the next play. Newton to White on the flat on the dot. #Eagles

August 17, 2021 — Mike Kaye (@mike e kaye)

Why was Newton yelling at a random Eagles backup during the preseason? The animosity between the two teams goes back to the Eagles-Patriots joint workouts earlier this week.

Teams in the NFL often have joint practice sessions with other teams to give their players a different perspective. When opposed to competing against colleagues, practice sessions promote a greater degree of competitiveness. During combined training, it’s not unusual for opposing players to engage into full-fledged fistfights.

Wallace referred to Newton as a “check-down king” during a session in which the Eagles dominated Newton and the Patriots offense. Newton struggled to move the ball against Philly’s defense, relying on short underneath routes to running backs and tonights.

Wallace had to be feeling pretty good during that practice to openly criticize a previous MVP. Newton, it’s clear, didn’t forget.

Cam Newton is vying for the starting quarterback position, while K’Von Wallace is vying for a roster berth.

Cam Newton at a preseason game between the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots.

Cam Newton at a preseason game between the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots. Mitchell Leff/Getty Images/Cam Newton

At practice, Newton is now getting starter reps for the Patriots. Newton will almost certainly be replaced at some point during the regular season by rookie Mac Jones, but for the time being, he remains the Patriots’ starting quarterback.

Wallace, on the other hand, is battling for his NFL life. Since being selected in 2020, he has failed to establish a major role on the Eagles defense and has already lost a considerable amount of time due to injuries. With a groin injury, he was taken out of the Eagles-Patriots scrimmage only a few drives into the game.

Newton is still an accomplished veteran with many honors to his credit, despite the fact that the NFL world has turned on him in recent years. The Patriots quarterback taught Wallace a vital lesson: if you play with fire, you’ll be burnt.

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