Solar Ash Crater & Broken Capital Voidrunner Stashes: How to Get Rei’s, Erving’s Suit

The Solar Ash Crater is the world’s largest active impact crater, and a cornerstone of France’s lunar exploration program. The crater was originally created during an asteroid or comet collision in 4-5 million BC, but it has become more popular since the release of Broken Capital Voidrunner Stashes: How to Get Rei’s, Erving’s Suit.

The “solar ash kingdom release date” is the date that Solar Ash will be released. The game will be released on July 10th, 2018.

By means of Voidrunner, suits Stashes are the main treasures in Solar Ash, and Rei’s suit, Tempest Adagio, and Erving’s suit, Aegis Wellspring, are the first two you’ll come across. These items are valuable because they provide Rei with a passive or active ability, such as greater Plasma or damage.

We’ll tell you where to locate the first two suits accessible in the Crater and the Broken Capital: Rei’s and Erving’s, in our Solar Ash guide. The Crater has one Voidrunner collectable, whereas the Broken Capital has five.

These will count toward your total for the Reliquarian trophy/achievement, much like the other cache items in Solar Ash. You’ll gain the Hobbyist Archaeologist trophy/achievement if you obtain the first one here.

In Solar Ash, the Crater Voidrunner Stash is located.

In Solar Ash, Rei’s outfit is the simplest to get. Unlike previous gear sets, this one just requires you to locate one secret Voidrunner cache.

A little platform to the right of a large arch sits just behind the Starseed in the Crater. Take the platform to the left of the arch, then jump over the gap between the two platforms. There’s the solitary Voidrunner cache in the Crater.


The Voidrunner Stashes in the Broken Capital

In Solar Ash, Erving’s suit is one of the most helpful, tripling your Plasma gains regardless of the source. There’s hardly no other outfit in the game that can help you out so quickly. There are a total of five stashes. 

Erving Suit Collection 1

Turn right as soon as you approach the first section from the Crater. You’ll come upon a tree with the Voidrunner insignia. Continue beyond the tree and around the clouds to find the stockpile on a tiny rock.

Erving Suit Stash 2 is a sequel to Erving Suit Stash.

Climb up until you reach a checkpoint near the fountain where you meet Lyris before entering the city proper. Along the way, you’ll be able to unlock shortcuts.


Turn right out the window behind the shaft from the fountain shortcut. Turn left and leap until you reach muck that you can climb.


To get to the stockpile, climb up and to the left.


Suit Stash 3 by Erving

Turn around and sprint to the right of the area’s entrance, away from Cyd. A tiny group of seats with a rail may be seen nearby.


Grind up the rail, leap off to climb the black sludge, then cross the abyss on the next rail to a dark blue building.


Take the stairs to the higher platform after defeating any foes.


The third of four Broken Capital stashes may be found near the rear of the room.

Suit Stash 4 by Erving

Return to Cyd and begin the walk to the stockpile by taking the ramp beside her back toward the entrance.


Jump off around halfway up and throw yourself to the climbable slime using the grappling point.


Take it up to the top to discover the loot.


Erving Suit Stockpile 5

Head to the far rear of the Capital and look for a set of rails heading up onto a towering building for this Voirdunner treasure.


Ride them up to the climbable goo, climb to the top of the building, and leap to the shortcut light.


To get to more climbable goo, turn right and leap over another gap.


You’ll eventually reach the roof of a bigger structure, which has an abnormality on it. Take the ramp going off the roof into another ruin with red and green trees after you’ve cleared the anomaly. When facing the enormous building from whence you came, look above and to the right to see a grappling point.


Take it and then cross a last chasm.


You’ve arrived to the last cache, as well as Erving’s last resting place.


You may equip Erving’s gear anytime you want by chatting to Cyd, whether she’s online or not, after you’ve acquired all the stashes.

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That’s all there is to know about where to discover the Voidrunner stashes for Rei’s suit and Erving’s suit in Solar Ash in Crater and Broken Capital. Go here for further advice and location recommendations. 

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The “solar ash kingdom switch” is a glitch in the game that allows players to get Rei’s, Erving’s suit. The glitch can be performed by jumping on top of the solar ash crater and breaking it.

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