‘What a Moment That Would Be’

The NCAA tournament is in full swing and the Final Four is set. What would happen if one of the teams in this year’s tournament won?

The unit of moment is a concept that was created by the author, and it is a way to measure how much time has passed.

Paul Pierce is the last member of the 2008 Boston Celtics Big Three to be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. Pierce’s induction is set on Sept. 11, and his championship credentials were a major factor in his selection. He retired in 2013 as Boston’s second-leading scorer with 24,021 points and a slew of career records.

On Saturday, Pierce will be introduced by former teammate Kevin Garnett, whose arrival in 2007 alongside Ray Allen ignited a short period of contention for the club. That resulted in a championship in 2008, the franchise’s 17th overall and its first since 1986. Pierce is targeting a new objective for the “Three Amigos”-led organization now that he is retired. Reunification.

Allen’s departure marked the beginning of the Celtics’ demise as a title contender.

From 2008 through 2012, the Boston Celtics battled with strained relationships despite winning a championship and appearing in another NBA Finals. Rajon Rondo, a younger player who came to popularity as the Celtics ascended to prominence, was often at odds with Allen.

Allen became estranged with Garnett after he chose to depart Boston as a free agency in 2012. The decision infuriated Pierce. While Pierce and Allen were able to work out their issues, Garnett and Rondo continued to feud with the first member of their group to be inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2018.

Pierce will be inducted this year, while Garnett will be inducted in 2020. When Rondo’s career comes to an end, he may join them there. He’s back with the Los Angeles Lakers for a second season, his 16th in the league.

With Allen gone, the Garnett-Pierce-Rondo trio returned to the playoffs in 2013. Rondo, though, was unable to attend due to a knee injury sustained in late January. Boston had a new coach in Brad Stevens when he returned almost a year later, and they were on their way to a 25-win season. Garnett and Pierce were members of the Brooklyn Nets at the time. The chase had come to an end.

Paul Pierce wants to help the ‘Ubuntu’ Boston Celtics reach a peace accord.

Coach Doc Rivers’ first three seasons with the Boston Celtics were marked by declining results. Boston went from a 45-win first-round playoff exit in 2004–05 to 33 and 24 wins in the next two seasons.

Danny Ainge swung for the fences at that point. He acquired Allen in a stunning draft-night deal with the Seattle SuperSonics. It took five players, including promising big man Al Jefferson, and two 2009 first-round choices to acquire Garnett from the Minnesota Timberwolves a little more than a month later.

Bringing in two superstars to team up with Paul Pierce, who can be unpredictable, was a difficult task. Rivers resorted to “Ubuntu,” an ancient African concept. The idea, according to the coach, is to put the team ahead of the individual, according to Yahoo Sports in 2020. “A person can only be a person via others,” it said.

Rivers utilized it to bring people together.

“I can’t be the best version of myself until you’re the best version of yourself. You can never make me feel threatened because you’re excellent, and the better you are, the better I am.”

Pierce won NBA Finals MVP honors in 2008, although Garnett and Allen were given reduced offensive responsibilities. Despite their great expectations, the group only managed to win one ring as a group. Pierce seeks to repair the harm caused by the team’s disintegration.

For the 2008 winners, Paul Pierce has a vision.

Paul Pierce wants to mend the fences between the estranged members of the Boston Celtics 2008 championship team

Paul Pierce wants to mend the fences between the estranged members of the Boston Celtics 2008 championship team Paul Pierce (L) wants to repair bridges amongst the Boston Celtics’ 2008 championship team’s alienated players. Pierce, Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, and Rajon Rondo are seen from left to right. | Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

After retiring in 2017, Paul Pierce worked as an analyst for ESPN and recently told Sports Illustrated how much he wants to reunite with his championship colleagues.

What he wants to do at halftime is take the floor with Garnett, Rondo, Allen, and Kendrick Perkins, the team’s fifth starter. Rivers was unable to fit the puzzle together. Pierce is well aware that there are challenges ahead, particularly in the form of the group’s final active player.

“KG, as he grows older, he becomes less obstinate. There’s an issue with (Rondo). Rondo, he’s still obstinate.”

The Boston Celtics’ 2008 title is approaching its 15th anniversary. Rondo will visit Boston at least once if he is still playing in 2022–23. Paul Pierce will have just over a year to negotiate a peace deal to settle the continuing feuds. If he’s as skilled at diplomacy as he is at scoring, don’t count him out.

Basketball Reference provided the statistics.

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