Hades: How to Heal Guide

On the eve of the biggest sports event in the world, we want to help you prepare for your journey into Hades. This guide will teach you how to heal and conquer all obstacles that stand in your way.

The hades sisyphus healing is a guide that covers the basics of how to heal in Hades.

Hades may be ruthless, particularly in the beginning. There are no healable items in the game. You start with a weapon and a set of abilities, but you’ll need to locate healers as you go into the Underworld.

Thankfully, if you know what to search for, which upgrades to take, and how to plan your way through a run, there are numerous methods to regain your health. If Hades is feeling generous — which isn’t often — you’ll get one or more free heals. Don’t put your faith in them since the next run isn’t going to be as pleasant.

In Hades, How to Heal

Despite the fact that you don’t start a run with any means of healing, there are more than a dozen methods to regain your health while traversing the Underworld. Because you won’t have easy access to them all right once, anticipate your first few runs to be violent.

Items from the Healing Shop


A store fountain flowing with the purple water of the Styx may be found in almost every area in the Underworld. These tiny businesses provide a variety of healing options, the most popular of which are: flat health returns, the ability to generate healing goods on kill, and enhanced healing upon entering a new area.



Charon, the Styx’s Boatman, sometimes serves mending tacos with a side of fries. Please don’t inquire. When you buy it for 50 Obol, you get a portion of your health restored. There are enhancements that can be purchased to make breakable pots drop healing tacos, but they only restore ten health each meal.

Hearts of Centaurs


Centaur Hearts will raise your health by 25 points and heal you by the same amount for the rest of your life. These may be found as room prizes or bought from Charon.


When you visit the deceased king Sisyphus, you may choose to get healing goods at the conclusion of the discussion.

Fountains of Health


The only healing fountain you’ll discover in the area right after a boss battle at first. You’ll get 50% of your maximum healing from them. You may ultimately add healing well chambers to each level of the Underworld by contacting the House Contractor, but they are costly and not guaranteed to spawn.

Chthonic Vitality or Dark Regeneration (requires upgrade)


Two healing powers are available from the Mirror of Night. At the start of the game, you’ll only have access to one of them, Dark Regeneration. Whenever you enter a new chamber, regardless of the hazards or lack thereof, this starting power gives you up to 3 health.

You’ll get an unique discussion with Nyx in the House of Hades after spending 300 Darkness at the Mirror, and she’ll unlock a second set of improvements.

Chthonic Vitality is a Dark Regeneration alternative that allows you to heal whenever you pick up Darkness crystals. You can improve the ability to return up to 60% of the Darkness’s worth in health by upgrading it. In other words, if you pick up a 10 Darkness crystal, you’ll get six health, and so forth.

Gold HydraLite

In Elysium, there’s a possibility you’ll run across an NPC called Patroclus. Hydralite Gold is one of the things he sells, and it recovers 30% of your health every time you enter a new room, up to a total of five chambers.

Blessings from the Almighty

Many of the gods’ boons provide methods for you to recover your health or improve the efficacy of your Death Resistant.

apocalyptic treasures

You may come discover a huge treasure box on the same platform as Charon Wells. When you use these Infernal Troves, you’ll start a timer. You must destroy all of the spawning opponents, and the quicker you accomplish it, the greater the Trove’s prize. One prize is up to 150 health, but you’re more likely to receive about 100.

Death Defiance

When your HP hits zero, this Mirror of Night ability immediately revives you with 50% health, up to three times when completely improved. Death Defiance may be restored at any time throughout a run, whether via shops, Patroclus, or god boons.

That concludes all of Hades’ healing techniques; as you can see, there are many options… as long as you know what they are. If you liked this guide, you may be interested in any of GameSkinny’s other Hades guides.

Hades is a Greek god of the underworld. In Greek mythology, he was the brother and husband of Persephone. He is often portrayed as a dark and shaggy man who carries a large scythe or sickle. Reference: hades chthonic vitality vs dark regeneration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the fountains in Hades?

Hades is the Greek god of the underworld. The fountains in this case would be located in the underworld, which is not a physical place on Earth.

How much health does Hades have in Hades?

Hades has a total of 5,000 health.

How do you play the game Hades?

Hades is a game that has been made by the developer of Beat Saber, Beat Games. It is not available on Steam and it can only be played on PSVR.

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