Bloodhunt Beginner’s Tips & Tricks Guide

Bloodhunt is a fast-paced, multiplayer first-person shooter that pits teams of players against one another in an effort to hunt down the other team’s leader. It’s easy to get started, but if you want to maximize your chances of winning you’ll need to learn some tricks.

Bloodhunt is a first-person shooter game that was released on the PlayStation 4. This guide will provide beginners with tips and tricks to help them get started in the game.

Bloodhunt is the newest installment in the Vampire: The Masquerade franchise, and it immerses players in a huge combat royale set in Prague’s streets. You’ll understand what’s going on if you’ve played other battle royale games, but Bloodhunt adds a number of vampiric twists that make it stand out. 

With that in mind, here are some pointers to help you get started on your Bloodhunt journey. 

With your enhanced vision, begin each match.


Bloodhunt’s version of Detective Vision, called Heightened Vision, emphasizes points of interest, weapons, consumables, and NPCs. When a match begins, you’ll want to activate your vision and gain a brief overview of the area, keeping an eye out for supply caches that you may raid. 

You won’t have much time until you run across other players, so you’ll want to be ready as soon as you can. Heightened Vision will also show you Resonant NPCs, which we’ll discuss later. 

Make the Most of Your Archetype Skills


Bloodhunt’s character classes are called archetypes, and there are now six to select from. Brute and Vandal are focused on offense, Saboteur and Prowler are focused on stealth, while Siren and Muse are focused on support.

When utilized, each Archetype’s two unique abilities assigned to Q and E are on cooldown. Take some time to get familiar with each class’s talent and learn how to utilize them more effectively.

The Muse, for example, has a healing field that can be used to give your squad a boost in the midst of a battle, while the Saboteur has a stealth ability that transforms them into a cloud of smoke, which is useful for fleeing firefights or creeping up on opponents.

Instead of bouncing about between Archetypes, it’s better to concentrate on just one until you’ve mastered it completely. 

Keep your feet on the ground.


Bloodhunt is a vertically oriented game, with the rooftops of Prague serving as your hunting grounds. Of course, you’ll need to go down to the ground to scavenge things or interact with NPCs, but your best option is to stay on the rooftops as much as possible. 

Roaming about on the ground puts you at a significant disadvantage to people above you, since it is much simpler for them to notice you and get the upper hand. Once you’ve gathered enough supplies, climb the closest building to assess your surroundings, then make every effort to remain concealed while you make your way through the city. 

Stay away from the entity.


While other players are the main danger in Bloodhunt, they are far from the only one. There are groups of NPCs known as The Entity strewn throughout the area, and they’ll shoot you down right away. The Entity does protect equipment, but unless you’re very well-equipped, it’s not worth the risk. 

The Entity groups are indicated on the map with red crosses, so keep a safe distance from them, particularly if you’re playing alone. 

Use Resonance and Disablerize to your advantage.


Bloodhunt’s Resonance feature rewards you with benefits when you consume the blood of a Resonant NPC. These NPCs will have a colorful aura around them when you use your Heightened Vision, and consuming their blood will give one slot in the appropriate Resonance slot. More information on how this works may be found in our Blood Resonance guide.

Every match gives you three Resonance slots; choose the ones that best suit your playstyle. Diablerizing players, which acts like an execution, may help you earn additional Resonance slots. When an opponent is knocked unconscious, sprint up to them and press the F key to Diablerize, which will give you an additional Resonance slot and remove all of their gear. 

If you’re on a team, revive your teammates.


If you’re playing Bloodhunt’s team-based game, you’ll need to know how to resurrect your friends. Allies can be picked up after they’re downed, but there’s also a method to bring them back to life entirely. 

There are a series of white crosses encircled by circles on Bloodhunt’s map that indicate resurrection locations. If one or both of your teammates are dead, go to one of the map’s locations and check for a white aura similar to the one seen above. You may fully revive your friends by running up to the aura and pressing F, but bear in mind that you are absolutely vulnerable while doing so. 

That concludes our Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt advice. On GameSkinny, we have a number of additional Bloodhunt instructions.

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